ELMO L-12iD Interactive Visualiser

by Elmo
R 11,219.00
SKU L-12iD

ELMO L-12iD Interactive Visualiser

The ELMO L-12iD was specially designed to meet the demands of teachers in classrooms today.

The unit is easy to use, flexible and robust and these features made the ELMO L-12iD the best-selling visualiser in South Africa!

With the high-quality camera and its extensive zoom range, you can present all your materials in a lively, real life, and closeup image. 96x zoom enlargement enables everyone in the class to focus on the smallest detail. Just connect the ELMO visualiser to a projector or LED TV, and within seconds you are ready to go – with or without a PC.

Also, the L-12iD can work as a UVC camera (USB video class). This feature allows easy integration with other presentation systems like interactive whiteboards. Infinite possibilities not only for schools but for any institution public or private that choose to use it. With more and more companies using visualisers for their presentations the ELMO L12iD is the ideal visualiser solution.

 How to ELMO L-12iD Visualiser works