CRESTRON AirBoard – Whiteboard Capture System

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Crestron AirBoard

Turns your dry-erase board into an electronic whiteboard to enable display of whiteboard content on any video screen, or view remotely in any web browser. Open-platform compatible with any UC or VTC solution. Automatically saves a snapshot of each change as you draw, and produces a complete slide deck of session content.

The Crestron AirBoard™ whiteboard capture system (CCS-WB-1) turns any dry-erase board into an electronic whiteboard. Crestron AirBoard lets you use your whiteboard like normal, and share it in real time on video displays and web browsers. As you draw on the board, each change you make is captured and saved as a snapshot. A complete slide deck of snapshots can be downloaded or emailed at the end of the session. Crestron AirBoard perfectly preserves the intuitive whiteboard experience while extending its capabilities to accommodate large audiences and remote viewers.[1]


Advanced optics and image processing
Crestron AirBoard technology employs advanced optics and image processing to produce a crisp and colourful digital whiteboard image. A compact camera mounted above the whiteboard captures each stroke you make, while enhancing the ink colours and contrast for a clean, vibrant image. No special markers are required. Shadows, reflections, backgrounds, and body parts are automatically removed, so the onscreen video image looks just like you’re standing square in front of the whiteboard.

Powerful and practical presentation
Crestron AirBoard doesn’t rely on expensive large-screen touch displays, and won’t lock you into a single-manufacturer collaboration platform. It simply works with any dry-erase board (white or coated glass [2]) up to 1.8 m wide x 1.2 m high. This affords a writing surface equivalent to an 86.5 inch (220 cm) diagonal electronic whiteboard. The great thing is, since the whiteboard image is flawlessly reproduced on any video screen, there’s no need for the physical whiteboard to be positioned where it can be seen by the whole audience. Just put it wherever it’s practical to use and present from, and let the audience view the whole thing on the big screen.

Video presentation and conferencing system integration
Crestron AirBoard can function alone or as part of any AV presentation system, collaboration system, or videoconferencing system. Composed of a sleek, unimposing camera unit and separate control pad, Crestron AirBoard is easy to install. The camera mounts to the wall above the whiteboard, the control pad mounts to the wall at either side of the whiteboard, and a 6 ft (1.8 m) cable connects them together. The control pad connects to the LAN via Ethernet or Wi-Fi®, and the complete system can be powered using PoE or the included 100-240V power pack.

Connection to the room display, AV system, or conferencing codec is handled by a Crestron® DGE-100 Digital Graphics Engine (sold separately). The captured presentation is streamed to the DGE-100 over the network and fed to the room system via the DGE-100’s HDMI® output.

Basic operation is provided via the control pad or a web browser. Enhanced touch screen operation is enabled through integration with a Crestron control system. From the touch screen (sold separately), anyone can easily start a session, route the signal to the room display(s), and distribute summary content to email recipients when the session has ended.[1,3]

Remote viewing and content distribution
Remote participants can view a whiteboard session from any location using just the web browser on their computer or mobile device. No extra downloads, apps, or plugins are required. At the end of the session, the remote viewers can download the session content as a multi-page PDF timeline, or as individual PNG snapshots. Content may also be sent out to any email recipient using a touch screen or computer within the room.[1]

Safe, secure, and private
Whatever you write or draw on your whiteboard, you decide who to share it with. To keep your content private, all network communications are encrypted. A capture session can only be initiated from within the room (unless otherwise programmed via a control system). The secure cloud service ensures only authorised viewers can access the live stream or download the session content. No one outside the session can access your session content without an invitation or approval. Content is stored locally on the Crestron AirBoard device, not in the cloud, and is available for a maximum of 30 minutes (or less if desired) after the session ends. 

Key Features

  • Turns your dry-erase board into an electronic whiteboard
  • View whiteboard content on any video display in real time
  • View remotely in a web browser [1]
  • Open-platform compatible with any UC or VTC solution
  • More intuitive to use and cost-effective compared to an interactive display or document camera solution
  • Ideal for enterprise, education, and conference centre applications
  • Produces a high-contrast, full-colour video image of the whiteboard
  • Eliminates distortions, shadows, reflections, backgrounds, and body parts from the video image
  • Works with any white or coated glass dry-erase board up to 6 x 4 ft (1.8 x 1.2 m) [2]
  • No special markers required
  • Automatically saves a snapshot of each change as you draw
  • Produces a complete slide deck of session content [1]
  • HDMI® output via a DGE-100 Digital Graphics Engine (sold separately)
  • Touch screen controllable via a Crestron® control system [3]
  • Secure, encrypted network communications
  • PoE or 100-240V AC line powered
  1. Internet access and a subscription to the Crestron AirBoard cloud service are required to enable remote viewing via a web browser, downloading session content via a web browser, and distribution of session content via email. The CCS-WB-1 includes a free license for subscription to the cloud service.
  2. If using a glass-surface board, the back of the glass should be coated to prevent “echoes” in the captured image. Clarus brand glass-boards are recommended.
  3. AV and control system integration requires additional equipment and services provided by a Crestron authorised systems integrator.